Canned Biscuits Can Help You Hack Any Dish, From Pizza To Donuts

Forget about your recipe books. Canned biscuits are going to make your life a lot easier. You won’t look at them the same way you did before.

Strawberry Shortcake

Want a slice of strawberry shortcake? You can do it at home without making the dough. It can be done with ordinary biscuits. Cover each one of the biscuits with sugar before putting them into the oven. Slice each biscuit open once cool, and fill with sliced strawberries and whipped cream. You get an tasty dessert.

Garlic Bread Knots

Seems a bit far fetched? All you really need are spices and muffin pans, and you have the perfect complement to any Italian meal.

Coffee Cake

It takes a long time to bake a coffee cake from scratch, unless you hack it. With biscuits, it’s almost too easy to create a sweet dessert that tastes labor-intensive. You basically place the ingredients on top of your biscuits and bake it.

Jonite Grating



What’s sweeter than a mini pie? One you can make yourself in less than 30 minutes. Place a tablespoon of canned fruit in the center of a biscuit and fold it together. Once it bakes, it’s a delicious little pie.

Mini Pot Pies

People will think you’re an amazing cook if you make these mini pot pies, and they don’t have to know that all you did was press each biscuit into a muffin pan, fill it with veggies and chicken soup, and fold the edges of the dough over the top of each.


Canned biscuits make great pizza dough. Flatten each biscuit individually to make mini pizzas that can be sauced, topped, and baked. Alternately, the biscuits can be smooshed together and rolled out to become the crust of a large pizza. Brush the dough with butter or oil, and sprinkle on herbs and spices to add flavours to it.


This is an easy one. Fill biscuits with fruit and cream cheese, add sugar, and bake.

Stuffed Pockets

Flatten a biscuit and stuff it with ham and cheese. Fold it and put into oven. Your house guests will be amazed by your cooking skills.

Chili Bowls

Serve chili in biscuit bowls. After you bake the biscuit bowls, scoop chili directly into them and serve as appetizers.


Cut a hole in the center and fry up canned biscuits. Sprinkle powdered sugar when they’re warm. They are transformed into to tasty homemade donuts.


Use canned biscuits as your cobbler crust, instead of wasting time making a real crust. Add fruits, then you have a tasty biscuit cobbler.


Roll out biscuits, spread your filling inside, fold them, and crimp the edges. It’s that easy to make mini calzones that work great as a party snack. Experiment with different fillings to make biscuit calzones lots of different ways.


Mixing up batter is a pain. Forget about that and make waffle biscuits instead. Spray your waffle iron with butter to prevent sticking, place the biscuits on the iron, and press. Wait a few minutes, open the iron, and there’s your homemade breakfast.